Conklin-Intracom is pleased to announce  general availability of the latest version (6.2)  of cdn|foundation IPTV middleware.  Release 6.2 adds several new features, including:

  • Support for Conklin-Intracom’s cdn|UMS Universal Multimedia Server
  • Metaswitch Customers now have click to call and listen and read voicemail on their TV
  • Subscriber bandwidth management
  • Custom channel management tools
  • Enhanced support for Amino and Entone Set Top Boxes

cdn|foundation release 6.2 introduces full support for Conklin-Intracom’s new Universal Multimedia Server – cdn|UMS.

Additional Metaswitch features are available in Release 6.2 allow fs|cdn foundation subscribers to listen to and read their voicemails on their TV, as well as extending the click to call features so that a subscriber can initiate a call from within ads that are created by our cdn|iservices external internet sources module.

cdn|foundation subscribers DVR  has also been enhanced with faster trick modes on supported Set Top Boxes.

For additional information on cdn|foundation Release 6.2, contact us at