Do you remember Pantone’s announcement about the “2016 Colors Of The Year”: ROSE QUARTZ & SERENITY*?

Manufacturers were quick to make use of the information for makeup, paints, clothing and even coffee mugs.  With Conklin-Intracom’s cdn|foundation™ middleware for set top boxes you can too!

Our tools allow you create multiple custom color theme for set top box GUIs.   These themes can be shared with all or just a select group of customers.   And, within homes with multiple boxes, a different color themes can used on each box.

There are other interesting ways to make use and market custom color themes beyond Pantone’s Color of the Year announcement.  Here are a few we thought of;

  • Families – Each set top can have its own unique look and feel (eg. Kids’ rooms vs. living room).
  • Seniors – Create templates with higher contrast colors, no background graphics and the help bar always present.
  • Sports Fans – Create color themes based on regional teams, colleges or championship events.
  • Special Events – Support limited time opportunities for the Valentine’s Day, July 4th, 2016 Olympics, etc.

These options are possible because cdn|foundation color schemes have many modifiable color parameters, including button colors, background images and program guide tones.  Here is complete list of editable color parameters:

Don’t worry.  You don’t have to be an expert graphic designer.  We simplified implementation so a service provider can copy and modify our existing color themes.

So go ahead experiment a little or a lot.  Have fun customizing your STB color schemes.

*For more information about the 2016 pantone colors visit