Security as a Service (SecaaS)

Security as a Service corresponds to innovative security services offered to Cloud customers. They are intended to provide enhanced protection to corporate assets, covering a wide range of requirements. The SecaaS portfolio encompasses dedicated virtual firewalls and web application firewalls. It can also assist organizations in strengthening their virtual private Clouds with controls applicable to their business.


  • Reduction of capital and operating expenses
  • Compliance to regulatory requirements
  • Fully customizable solutions to suit individual customer needs
  • Guaranteed performance and monitoring
  • Improved manageability and service provisioning though managed and unmanaged offerings
  • Improved network performance and bandwidth usage
  • Fully customizable security policies and rules
  • VPN connectivity (site-to-site and client-to-site)
  • End-user management
  • Custom web application protection rules
  • Support of encrypted site traffic
  • Administrators' training sessions
  • Administration, operations and monitoring for the customer (in managed scenario)

Security as a Service adds value to a broad range of businesses that need to comply with demanding security regulations. Finance and banking, retail and eCommerce, Administration and Government, are among the verticals that can benefit from the expertise and security practices offered by SecaaS.