Services Overview

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Intracom Telecom, as part of its business activities, is offering a wide range of high quality services related to data centre optimization, virtualization, networking and information security.

Since 2011, Intracom Telecom has been strategically positioned for undertaking a leading role as a regional Cloud Computing Enabler and Cloud Computing Services operator. Our dedication to support diverse business requirements, whilst enabling service providers in providing value-add services to their customers is further reflected in our capability to wholesale our Cloud Computing offering. In this way, interested service providers can benefit from fast time to market approach and a comprehensive and secure offering without having to undertake large capital investments, while enjoying the advantages of a continuously enriched portfolio.

To this extent and committed to technology innovation that maximizes business value, Intracom Telecom has developed a comprehensive portfolio of public Cloud based services that can be tailored to the needs of corporate customers in order to empower and drive their businesses forward. The emphasis is given on high-standard security methods, which guarantee that any customer will safely adapt to the new era and realize his plans for an efficient transition to Cloud.

Why Intracom Telecom?

  • Flexible and customizable offering to meet diverse customer requirements
  • Commitment to customer support that protects customer investment and achieves excellence in customer satisfaction
  • Professional services expertise that ensures the delivery of high quality services
  • Training services that guarantee the trouble-free adoption of Cloud services
  • Certified methods that eliminate risk and ensure a reliable and secure transition to Cloud
  • Strong ecosystem of industry-leading partners that aims to provide the best technological solution and guarantee the customer satisfaction

Intracom Telecom has established strategic partnership with hellas online in order to resell the Cloud services in Greece, under the brand name "holcloud". hellas online is one of the largest providers of integrated broadband services in Greece. In November 2014 completed the acquisition of hellas online from Vodafone Greece which is a member of the Group Vodafone, one of the leaders in the mobile communications worldwide, with strategic presence in the telecommunications market in the country.

hellas online provides a wide range of products and services, which fully covers all needs of domestic consumers and freelancers, SMEs and larger companies and organizations

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