Virtual Cloud Servers (VCS)

A virtual cloud server (VCS) is a logical server that is built using virtualization techniques and follows the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Cloud service model. It is hosted in Intracom Telecom's Cloud Computing platform and may be accessed remotely over the Internet. Computing resources like CPU (vCPU) and memory (vRAM) can be added / removed from a VCS depending on usage needs.

The service allows the customer to "build" a computing infrastructure consisting from one simple virtual machine to "farms" of virtual machines, in which machines communicate as in the internal LAN network of a company.

VCSs and farms of VCSs can be dynamically adapted according to customer needs and can be paired with other services, like SecaaS, DaaS and BaaS, in order to provide our customers the proper tools to transform and modernize their IT while optimizing their costs.


  • Flexibility and scalability. Extra resources can be added easily when required.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Pay only for what you need. No upfront capital required.
  • Customizable offering to meet diverse needs
  • Availability and Reliability
  • Coupling with SecaaS offering for enhanced infrastructure protection and compliance to regulatory requirements
  • Coupling with BaaS offering for enhanced data protection
  • Coupling with DaaS for enhanced Experience on Server-Client Applications
  • Provision of Computing power on demand
  • Any combination of vCPU/vRAM
  • Support of multiple OS environments (Windows, Linux)
  • Easy to set up and manage.
  • Storage offerings with special characteristics to support all customer needs (performance, capacity, connectivity)

The Virtual Cloud Server market includes all sizes of business from start-ups and SMEs up to large enterprises.