Advanced ISP Services

Exceeding Competition!

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon and other internet giants, providing free services over the Internet, take revenue from carriers and ISPs, with the latter experiencing an unpleasant effect: their customers consuming precious bandwidth to access competitor's services (such as Gmail, Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, Skype, etc.).

At the same time, IT is moving off the premise, whilst "The Cloud", in all its forms - SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, etc. - is gaining popularity and momentum every single day.

Service providers need to exploit the emerging new trends and position themselves in order to meet the international competition, create new revenue streams, increase their ARPU and reduce customer churn.

With a complete portfolio of advanced solutions, INTRACOM TELECOM helps service providers differentiate and innovate, while tackling traditional complex problems like IP management, access control, caching and filtering.

Furthermore, INTRACOM TELECOM focuses on best-of-breed open source solutions (open LDAP, free DHCP, free DNS and Linux support) to offer full design, deployment and support services for the entire solution stack, assuring best fit to service provider needs at the lowest cost.


  • Flexibility to rapidly introduce new innovative services.
  • Short investment breakeven in months, not years.
  • Automated provisioning and flexible billing of new services.
  • Full support for integration into existing OSS / BSS systems.
  • Provision for self-service capability – end customers can use services according to their needs.
  • Optimization and improvement of standard operations.

The Advanced ISP Services portfolio from INTRACOM TELECOM includes the following solutions:

  • IP Management solutions - for efficient configuration, automation, interconnection and management of IP services of the client's entire network
  • Caching and Filtering solutions - for the effective management of the available bandwidth and compliance to Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Hosting solutions - Web hosting and Server Hosting solutions.
  • Messaging solutions - advanced Unified Messaging solutions which support the latest protocols and client needs.
  • Access control solutions - for the interconnection with existing client data bases.
  • Cloud Computing solutions - for the design, implementation and support of and form of cloud services (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, etc.).

All the above mentioned solutions share the same characteristics:

  • Expandability, which permits the coverage of the needs of millions of subscribers
  • Compatibility with multiple technologies and platforms
  • Adaptation in all levels
  • Upgrade with specific modules
  • Interconnection with the existing infrastructure
  • Easy central management

The ISP solutions available from INTRACOM TELECOM best fit the needs of:

  • Greenfield service providers and ISPs who are about to build their own infrastructure.
  • ISPs wishing to expand but their existing infrastructures do not allow efficient realizations.
  • ISPs wishing to launch new services, such as managed services, cloud services, hosting, unified messaging, etc.
  • Mobile carriers wishing to extend their offerings with fixed / managed services.
  • Hosting providers wishing to automate provisioning and expand their portfolio.