Multi-Vendor Technical Support

Establishing Strong Relationships!

In fact, the purchase of a product initiates the relationship between the customer and the supplier. Customers expect from their chosen vendors to meet the requirements for performance and availability throughout the products' lifecycle.

With a multi-year experience in providing professional after-sales services to demanding customers, INTRACOM TELECOM offers a carefully-designed portfolio of innovative multi-technology and multi-vendor maintenance services, supported by the best technical experts, procedures and tools.

Care for customers has always been the company's top priority with focus on vital aspects such as competitiveness improvement, business efficiency and service availability.

To best serve its customers, INTRACOM TELECOM has deployed a nation-wide technical support network of more than 200 specialized and highly-qualified engineers and technicians.

The company's branches are located in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patra, as well as in its technical / mobile support centers in all major Greek cities. INTRACOM TELECOM also provides technical support services in The Balkans (Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, FYROM, Moldova, KSA and The Middle East).


  • Achieving substantial economies of scale.
  • Maintaining the efficiency of networks operating at their peak, and minimizing the risks and costs associated with network downtime.
  • Reducing the time required to resolve technical issues.
  • Providing solutions that have an impact on Return On Investment (ROI).
  • Ensuring successful integration on a multi-vendor network infrastructure.
  • Ensuring network reliability and staff productivity.

The technical support services from INTRACOM TELECOM enable customers to get the most out of their network assets, irrespectively of chosen vendors. A complete portfolio of technical support services covers any customer demand:

  • Customer Support Request Reception.
  • Hardware Repairs.
  • Software & Firmware Updates & Upgrades.
  • Field Support.
  • Spare Management.
  • Preventive Maintenance.
  • Network Assessment & Analysis.
  • Security Assessment.
  • On-site Advocacy.

The technical support services from INTRACOM TELECOM aim at different applications, customers and markets, as follows:


  • Mobile network infrastructures.
  • NGN / IP networks.
  • Operation & Business Support Systems (OSS / BSS).
  • Fixed wireless networks.
  • IP Call Centers.
  • CDN / IPTV networks.
  • WiMAX networks.
  • Electromechanical Installations


  • Traditional service providers.
  • Internet service providers.
  • Mobile operators.
  • Greenfield operators.


  • Banking sector.
  • Public sector.
  • Universities.
  • Private sector.