BigStreamer™ – Big Data, Streaming Analytics

Digital Transformation constitutes a new, challenging reality in all business sectors. Intracom Telecom's BigStreamer™ addresses Digital Transformation challenges of multiple industries, including Telecommunications, Financial Services and Utilities with a powerful suite of Big Data Solutions built on the latest technologies.

Our expert Data Engineers and System Administrators use BigStreamer™ to provide a rich set of functionalities, which include:

  • Data Ingestion - an extensive Adapters Repository to seamlessly capture data from virtually any information source, including any existing data warehouse.
  • Data Management - automated distributed tools that enable the transformation, correlation, enrichment, manipulation, security, anonymization and retention of data ingested into the platform.
  • Data Analysis - prepared data can serve for data modelling, complex event processing, alerts & triggers generation and creation of sophisticated reports.
  • Visualization - data visualization using BigStreamer BI or integrated with third-party applications and tools via open APIs to help create interesting graphical representations of the data.

BigStreamer can also be connected with Intracom Telecom's Cognitiva™ Enterprise-ready AI Application Suite to provide advanced analytics capabilities based on Machine Learning, Deep Learning and other Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Petabytes of Data icon
Petabytes of Data

BigStreamer Distribution ingests, processes and manages massive structured, semi-structured and unstructured datasets in real-time or batch mode

Advanced & Customizable Visualizations icon
Advanced & Customizable Visualizations

BigStreamer BI explores and analyzes numerous types of datasets using business intelligence visualization

Milliseconds responses icon
Milliseconds Responses

BigStreamer Cache in-memory database achieves millisecond response for time-critical applications

Turn Insights to Actionsicon
Turn Insights to Actions

BigStreamer Rules setup automated triggering of actions & alerts upon threshold crossings on any KPI

Regulatory compliance icon
Regulatory Compliance

BigStreamer Trust Center controls security and privacy features on sensitive data and meet regulatory requirements

Open Interfaces icon
Open Interfaces

BigStreamer APIs make all information available to 3rd party applications for further processing or visualization

Unified Monitoring icon
Unified Monitoring of HW, SW and data

BigStreamer Monitoring collects, analyzes and displays the most important information of the monitored systems in Big Data clusters

Cloud Enabled icon
Cloud Enabled

BigStreamer platform is natively cloud enabled, which ensure faster deployment, agility and easy scaling of infrastructure

BigStreamer's ability to integrate with data sources and process enormous volumes of data, enable data analysts to create revealing reports and visualizations and helping thus shed light to pressing challenges.

image of Communication Service Providers

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) use BigStreamer to quantify customers' perception for service, create geolocation insights, categorize, locate and quantify the root cause of repeated complaints and create 360 views of customers.

image of money

Financial Institutions use BigStreamer to analyze and provide instant access to years of historical transactions to their million customers via multiple channels, such as Web Banking, Mobile Banking and more.

image of a medical equipment

Healthcare institutions use BigStreamer to compare the clinical and financial effectiveness of interventions in order to increase efficiency and quality of clinical care services.

Utilities icon

Utilities use BigStreamer to monitor in real time the performance of their distribution network and combine network performance with measurements of customer's smart meters to analyze and understand demand and response.

Smart Cities icon

Smart Cities use BigStreamer to monitoring real-time air pollution and apply emission control measures as well as to model, interpret and analyze noise sources to alleviate noise pollution.

image of exterior of a public building

Government agencies use BigStreamer to access large volumes of information, identify areas that require attention and enact the necessary changes.

The list of apps that can be realized on top of BigStreamer platform is endless. Typical examples include:

Geolocation insights icon
Geolocation insights

Analyze subscriber geo-mobility patterns to assist Customer Care agent improve their QoE

Customer Network Experience icon
Customer Network Experience

Extend a CSP's capabilities toward proactively predicting and preempting network bottlenecks to prevent problems

Real-Time 360 Customer View icon
Real-Time 360o Customer View

Present comprehensive overview of customer QoE & pain points assisting Customer Care agents in serving customers

Analysis of Repeated Complaint Rate icon
Analysis of Repeated Complaint Rate

Analyze frequent customer complaints per type and geographical area to understand reasons and take corrective actions

Analysis of Repeated Complaint Rate icon
Customer Journey Discovery & Analysis

Analyze customer preferences and behavior about digital/non-digital communication channels to improve customer's relationship

Customer Satisfaction Index icon
Customer Satisfaction Index

Present current & historical overview of customer QoE to a customer care to understand customer's service perception

Network Quality of Experience icon
Network Quality of Experience

Spot geographical areas where network QoE is problematic to improve customer satisfaction

Omni-Channel Management icon
Omni-Channel Management

Ensure the same customer experience independently of the digital or physical channel used

Personalized Demand/Response Campaigns icon
Personalized Demand/Response Campaigns

Incentivize consumers to reduce energy consumption in peak times to better balance supply and demand

Live customers sociograms icon
Live customers sociograms

Visualize interactions and relationships among customers to detect hidden patterns and improve service offered

Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring icon
Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring

Determine electrical energy consumption of individual appliances by analyzing composite load measurements

Customer Footprint Heatmap icon
Customer Footprint Heatmap

Analyze mobile subscriber geo-mobility patterns to improve QoE and improve customer relationship