CSPs have already embarked on the digital transformation journey and they need to leverage new and innovative ways to communicate with customers and do business. Pressure from competition and customers' expectations of service level will drive the evolution of the CSPs' OBSS systems for years to come. Convergent charging and billing solutions play a major role in the service delivery chain, since they must rate and bill those services accurately, efficiently and transparently. They need to rapidly handle innovative marketing ideas, in many cases - anticipate marketing trends and increase customer engagement.

NGINius-Billing™ is an order-to-cash solution that fully supports B2B2x relationships and offers rating/charging excellence through a convergent real-time engine. It includes a high-performance, consolidated billing & invoicing engine capable of monetizing any service, while implementing and managing financial relationships for any business model. Operations readiness, fulfillment and assurance are supported by a number of functionality-rich modules.

It effectively chains the management of all rating, charging and billing related tasks and provides full network, service, payment and business model convergence.

It provides exceptional dynamic business modeling by empowering CSPs to manage and extend their business processes and entities through a number of GUI accessible tools.

NGINius-Billing™ has been designed according to the international standards (ITU, ETSI, 3GPP, IETF) and it follows eTOM modeling for Billing and Charging. It is easily customizable in order to meet specific CSP needs. It is a future proof, end-to-end solution, by providing:

Account Centric Design

The solution introduces an account-centric model, which allows divergent services to be deployed by the CSP but at the same time, enables 360o account view. Account centric design is the preliminary step towards effective customer engagement.

End-to-end Billing & Charging Convergence

Convergence at the levels of:

  • Network: Fixed, Mobile, IP
  • Service: voice, data, event
  • Type: time, volume, content, event
  • Payment: Pre to post paid

Its online charging capability, for both Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers, allows CSPs to enhance customer experience and significantly reduce their costs.

The extensive and dynamic modeling and business process management capabilities of the solution, not only allow CSPs to extend their system in a secure and systematic way, but also guarantee a smooth integration with the given operating environment.

Rapid Time to Market

It provides a very powerful and flexible Product Catalogue that enables definition and management of any service from any domain. Those services are reusable and can be easily grouped together to create custom offerings.

The Product Catalogue also supports definition and management of any type of one-time and recurring charges with user-defined periodicity as well as configurable customer reward policies.

The above capabilities enable CSPs to turn quickly an innovative marketing idea into a targeted offer.

Market Targeting

The account centric design and the rich service portfolio of the solution along with its convergent charging capabilities, allow CSPs introduce to selected market segments, commercially attractive products and payment schemes.

Cloud models charging

NGINius-Billing™ is capable to accommodate an arbitrary number of cloud services and cloud service providers.

It supports all known charging models for cloud services including flat rate, pay-as-you-use, feature-based rate or combination of those.

Intracom Telecom is committed to continually monitor and support cloud technology as this evolves.

On Demand Services for Post-paid Customers

A trend that is emerging in the Telco industry is a change in the way post-paid subscribers interact with the service providers. Instead of subscribing on a monthly basis, packages and promotions will be offered on an "on-demand" basis. This way, subscribers will have more options in the way they pay for their services and far more control over their spending.

The shift from batch to real-time, for post-paid subscribers, has inherent benefits for the service provider. Indicatively:

  • Operation costs reduction.
  • Revenues increase.
  • Revenue leakage reduction.
  • Churn reduction.
  • Competitiveness increase.

With On-Demand service, CSPs will deal with a larger number of small transactions in real time instead of setting up billing cycles and periods for post-paid rating and charging. This will not only minimize their revenue leakage but also make best revenue streams control possible.

The model is beneficial for the subscribers, since they will have much more flexibility in selecting and paying for their services.