Innovating in Charging Flexibility!

CSPs are in most cases obliged to employ more than one charging/billing solutions to cater for different technologies, as well as 3rd party or in-house developed processes and applications. In addition, legacy systems suffer from architectural inefficiencies and can provide only limited capabilities to support the complex business models of today.

A contemporary charging solution should be convergent at all levels, with an open and agile architecture. It must be also able to support offering & bundling of both traditional and innovative digital services, delivery of enriched customer experience and enablement of lean operations.

NGINius-Charging™ is an end-to-end convergent charging solution. It meets the demand for charging modernization, by supporting prepaid, postpaid and hybrid models. It allows the introduction of commercially-attractive offerings which can be launched to market, quickly and cost-effectively.

NGINius-Charging™ enables charging in real-time, for:

  • Voice, data, multimedia and messaging services.
  • Fixed, mobile and IP / IMS networks.

NGINius-Charging™ is an online charging solution offering:

Clear Value Proposition

  • Account-centric design fulfills today's market requirements for on-line charging and increased customer experience.
  • Allows for offerings to targeted specific market segments for maximizing profitability and service uptake.
  • Enables a common and rich service portfolio for all subscribers, supporting prepaid, postpaid and hybrid subscriber payment models.
  • Provides real-time credit control - powerful convergent rating engine supports both real-time and post-processing rating.
  • Covers all layers of charging convergence - prepaid to postpaid, network, service & type.
  • Personalized, sophisticated features, allowing telco operators to differentiate from the competition.
  • Enhanced customer engagement through SMS,USSD, IVR, Web portal and Mobile app(s).
  • Field-proven - fast and easy integration into a multi-vendor network and OSS / BSS infrastructure.

NGINius-Charging™ constitutes an innovative approach to the traditional real-time charging and billing mechanism for voice, data and content services. NGINius-Charging™ meets the increasing demands of telecommunications market for charging and network convergence.

NGINius-Charging™ introduces an account-centric model which allows telecom operators to deploy divergent services, but at the same time, to provide a unified management model for the corresponding user profiles. With NGINius-Charging™, operators are given:

  • A solution that is field-proven, future-proof and cost-effective
  • A system that is quickly and easily integrated into multi-vendor network and IT infrastructure
  • The benefit of short time-to-market for new features and customizations
  • The convenience of an intuitive, easy-to-use self care tools
  • A future proof solution.

Significant Cost Benefits

  • Significantly lower CapEx & OpEx as compared to legacy prepaid systems - a result of the adoption of new technologies
  • Flexible pricing schemes, pay-as-you-grow licensing.

Intracom Telecom is highly capable in delivering charging solutions by possessing:

  • Domain experts' development teams employing modern software development practices.
  • Extensive experience in building charging applications.
  • High-performance in-house lab facilities accommodating best-of-breed technology equipment.
  • Vast expertise gained from the deployment and support of prepaid turnkey projects in wireline, wireless and NG networks.

Intracom Telecom guarantees excellence in Project Delivery based on the following principles:

  • Deployment of applications and solutions takes into account key service delivery factors, such as:
    • Uninterrupted systems operation
    • Business continuity
    • Minimum downtime
  • Experienced professional teams ensure rapid applications deployment on time and on budget
  • Extensive use of project management certified processes and tools provide industry-proven best practices
  • Long experience in systems integration, consultancy and project management provides end-to-end project/program implementation
  • Dedicated support teams offer round-the-clock Operational/Technical Support & Services.

NGINius-Charging™ core functions and their characteristics are provided in the table below:

Core Functions Characteristics
Account & Balance Management
  • Main balance & sub-balances for different service usage
  • Multiple wallets per account allowing for time, credit, voice, volume, event (SMS / MMS) charging
  • Recharges through Self Care and automated recharges
  • Account & balance-related notifications.
Charging Function & Rating Engine
  • Advanced charging rules and logic
  • Real-time and near real-time rating for sessions / events
  • Rating-based on multiple metrics (time, data volume , number of services accessed, specific content or application, quality of service)
  • Real-time bonusesand discounts
  • Free-of-charge calls / short messages
  • Advice of charge.
Session & Event Control
  • Credit announcement
  • SMS notifications
  • In-call warning tone
  • Barring of services and destinations
  • Automatic line blocking.
Advanced Features
  • Voucher management
  • Friends & family
  • Closed User Group (CUG)
  • Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) support
  • Supplementary services.
Application Administration
  • Security and fraud prevention
  • Menu-driven, fully customizable GUI
  • Comprehensive API for provisioning and management
  • Statistics & call logging.