SmartCampaign™ Campaign Management

As the speed of change is accelerating, the ability to rapidly perceive and respond to this change becomes a major challenge. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have to "listen" to customers more carefully and "respond" back in real-time, with a relevant and engaging way that addresses customer needs. Therefore, CSPs need a way to improve customer experience, maximize loyalty and, eventually, achieve better commercial results.

BigStreamer analytics platform
Figure 1

SmartCampaign™ provides a flexible framework for creating, managing and monitoring of targeted & personalized campaigns across all channels. It enables operators to adapt their marketing efforts, quickly and successfully, to the benefit of improved market share and customer experience.

SmartCampaign™, strengthened with Intracom Telecom's BigStreamer™ analytics (see Figure 1), delivers sophisticated targeted and personalized campaigns, real-time data previews, interactively design reports and dashboards that quickly convey business trends.

CSP diagram
Figure 2

Through the 5-step business process illustrated in Figure 2 above, SmartCampaign™ solution increases ARPU giving CSPs a competitive edge and leading to new business opportunities.


  • Easy integration with any data source enabling real-time collection of any type of customer data (structured, semi-structured or unstructured)
  • Continuous real-time evaluation and prediction of customer behavior, habits, preferences and risk factors
  • Web-based tools for campaigns monitoring, administration, and provisioning
  • Easy creation of recurring and event-triggered campaigns
  • Deepen customers relationships, loyalty and acquisition
  • High campaign efficiency by targeting the most influential customers
  • Flexible Rules Engine for customizable campaigns
  • Unlimited language support
  • Multiple types of campaigns

Intracom Telecom's SmartCampaign™ solution is a powerful and flexible framework providing:

Contextual Marketing Diagram
Indicative Contextual Marketing Use Case
  • Fully-personalized and real-time campaigns
  • Automated intelligence-driven decisions
  • Advanced customer profiling and segmentation
  • Subscriber Propensity Modeling
  • Advanced Campaigns Analytics
  • Experiment with new campaigns by tuning via closed loop feedback and A/B testing
  • Priority optimization
  • Omni-channel experience
  • Real-Time Decisions Engine
  • Usability - Campaign Templates
  • Campaign approval process
  • Painless integration and customization
  • Short time-to-market for new campaigns
  • System scalability
  • Carrier-grade performance

SmartCampaign™ solution enables Communications Service Providers to attract new subscribers, enhance customer loyalty and increase revenues through real-time, targeted promotional campaigns.

Such campaign examples, enabled through SmartCampaign™ solution, are described below:

Contextual Marketing Campaigns

Real time targeted campaigns based on the context of each individual customer. Approaching customers by offering products & services they are interested in.

Reward Campaigns

  • Reward scheme upon recharge
  • Reward scheme upon renewal
  • Reward scheme upon first recharge each month
  • Instant win
  • One product gives one product (same) free

Interactive Campaigns

  • Choose your reward upon SMS reply mechanism
  • Weekend offer
    Targeted subscribers are urging to buy a non-commercially available service with validity Invitation SMS on a given Friday

Targeted Loyalty Campaigns

  • Loyalty Bonus Campaigns
    Award subscribers of high usage
  • Potential churners campaigns
    Reward automatically potential churners
  • Zero-balance Campaigns
    Loyalty campaigns for approaching users who haven't topped-up for x days, after their balance has reached a specific threshold.
  • Inactivity campaigns
    Offer a bonus to targeted subscribers in order to re-engage their usage - activity

Anniversary Campaigns

  • Prepaid Birthday Campaign
  • Contract Birthday
    Subscribers that reaches their account activation/contract birthday date receive a reward

3rd party Campaigns

  • Recharge Instant Lottery
    Upon recharge a code is produced, the subscriber is asked to play the code in a 3rd party app, in order to win more prizes.