Advanced On Demand Services

cdn|UMS™ (Universal Multimedia Server) seamlessly integrates into the fs|cdn Anywhere family of products.  It is the perfect companion product for cdn|foundation® and cdn|anywhere™.

It is a single solution to manage VOD, nDVR and Restart TV services for subscribers’ TVs, smartphones, tablets and computers.

Video On Demand

Streamline your network operations for video-on-demand services.  Reduce proprietary hardware and investment.


With network DVR (nDVR) users can record unlimited amounts of programming and access it from low cost, non-DVR set top boxes, as well as, on smartphones, tablets and computers.

Together with cdn|foundation and cdn|anywhere users can seamlessly switch between in-house TV viewing and mobile devices:

  • Pause on one; resume on the other
  • Record on one; watch on the other

Restart TV

Never worry about  missing the start of a show or sporting event with Restart TV service. Go back in time and play selected programming as if viewing it live.

Maintain full flexibility and control of the service:

  • All channels
  • Popular TV channels
  • Go back a few hours
  • Go back a full day