Release 6.5.1 is here. Read on for a list of new features and new set top box images.

Highlights of what’s included in Release 6.5.1:

  • Enhancement for network DVR (nDVR) and Restart TV using cdn|UMS
  • STB DVR option to play next episode of a series
  • Restart TV option to play next program when current restart program ends
  • Additional STB DVR options to nDVR:
    • Record new only or new and reruns, Keep at least x episodes
    • Resume functionality
    • PIN protection for recordings
    • Provide options for keep until space needed
  • Ability to use menu and guide while watching a nDVR or Restart TV program
  • Change channel tunes out of nDVR or Restart TV program
  • Multi select and delete recordings in nDVR and STB DVR
  • Configurable skip fwd and skip rev functionality for STB DVR and nDVR
  • Turn a Restart program into an nDVR recording
  • Ability to change function of color keys on remote controls
  • Toggle CC on or off with one remote control button
  • Programs presented in folders for STB DVR and nDVR recordings
  • Trick modes supported for shows currently being recorded
  • STB DVR for HLS content
  • Automatic standby with popup message
  • Enhanced Batch management tools

New Set Top Boxes Supported with Release 6.5.1

Amino Models: ·       Kamai 650M / 651
·       Ax6x
·       Kamai 500x
·       A50
·       Amulet 655 / 656
ADB Models: ·       ADB Series 17 Models 1720W, 1720CW
·       ADB Series 7 Models 2721W, 2721WX, 3721WN